Dan jurafsky intui1on of perplexity the shannon game

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Unformatted text preview: d is our model? •  Does our language model prefer good sentences to bad ones? •  Assign higher probability to “real” or “frequently observed” sentences •  Than “ungramma*cal” or “rarely observed” sentences? •  We train parameters of our model on a training set. •  We test the model’s performance on data we haven’t seen. •  A test set is an unseen dataset that is different from our training set, totally unused. •  An evalua1on metric tells us how well our model does on the test set. Dan Jurafsky Extrinsic evalua1on of N ­gram models •  Best evalua*on for comparing models A and B •  Put each model in a task •  spelling corrector, speech recognizer, MT system •  Run the task, get an accuracy for A and for B •  How many misspelled words corrected properly •  How many words translated correctly •  Compare accuracy for A and B Dan Jurafsky Difficulty of extrinsic (in ­vivo) evalua1on of N ­gram models •  Extrinsic evalua*on •  Time ­consuming; can take days or weeks •  So •  Some*mes use intrinsic evalua*on: perplexity •  Bad approxima*on •  unless the test data looks just like the training data •  So generally only useful in pilot experiments •  But is helpful to think about. Dan Jurafsky Intui1on of Perplexity •  The Shannon Game: •  How well can we predict the next word? I always order pizza with cheese and ____ The 33rd President of the US was ____ I saw a ____ •  Unigrams are terrible at this game. (Why?) mushrooms 0.1 pepperoni 0.1 Claude Shannon anchovies 0.01 …. fried rice 0.0001 …. and 1e-100 •  A be_er model of a text •  is one which assigns a higher probability to the word that actu...
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