6 scoring as the basis of ranked retrieval we wish to

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Unformatted text preview: §༊  In principle, there are two separate choices here, but in prac*ce, ranked retrieval models have normally been associated with free text queries and vice versa 4 Introduc)on to Informa)on Retrieval Feast or famine: not a problem in ranked retrieval Ch. 6 §༊  When a system produces a ranked result set, large result sets are not an issue §༊  Indeed, the size of the result set is not an issue §༊  We just show the top k ( ≈ 10) results §༊  We don’t overwhelm the user §༊  Premise: the ranking algorithm works Introduc)on to Informa)on Retrieval Ch. 6 Scoring as the basis of ranked retrieval §༊  We wish to return in order the documents most likely to be useful to the searcher §༊  How can we rank- order...
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