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Cantonese ngau english cow beef dan jurafsky predicate

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Unformatted text preview: ious actors in the various events are •  Japanese, Chinese Dan Jurafsky Inferen-al Load: The blue noun phrases are not in the Chinese original 飓风丽塔已经减弱为第三级飓风, Rita weakened and was downgraded to a Category 3 storm; ø 迫近美国德课萨斯州和路易斯安那州, [Rita/it/the storm] is moving close to Texas and Louisiana; 当局表示, the authori1es announced; 虽然 ø 在登陆前可能再稍微减弱, although [Rita/it/the storm] might weaken again before landing, 但 ø 仍然会非常危险, [Rita/it/the storm] is s1ll very dangerous; ø 预料 ø 会在当地时间星期六凌晨在德州和路易斯安那州之间登陆, [the authori1es] predict [Rita/it/the storm] will arrive at the Texas ­ Louisiana border on Saturday morning local 1me; ø 直接吹袭休斯敦市东面的主要炼油设施。 [Rita/it/the storm] will directly hit the oil ­refining industry east of Houston. Dan Jurafsky Lexical Divergences •  Word to phrases: •  English computer science •  French...
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