Dorr et al 2002 duster a method for unraveling

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Unformatted text preview: informatique! ! •  Part of Speech divergences •  English She likes to sing ! •  German Sie singt gerne [She sings likefully] •  English I’m hungry! •  Spanish Tengo hambre [I have hunger] Dan Jurafsky Lexical Specificity Divergences •  Gramma1cal specificity •  Spanish: plural pronouns have gender (ellos/ellas) •  English: plural pronouns no gender (they) •  So transla1ng “they” from English to Spanish, need to figure out gender of the referent! Dan Jurafsky Lexical Divergences: Seman-c Specificity English brother Mandarin gege (older brother), didi (younger brother) English wall German Wand (inside) Mauer (outside) English fish! Spanish pez (the creature) pescado (fish as food) ! Cantonese ngau! English cow beef Dan Jurafsky Predicate Argument divergences L. Talmy. 1985. Lexicaliza1on [email protected]: Seman1c Structure in Lexical Form. •  English The [email protected] floated out. Spanish La botella salió flotando. The [email protected] exited floa-ng...
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