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Unformatted text preview: as if you are among those whom we could not cause to become civilized Dan Jurafsky Word Segmenta-on Are word boundaries marked in wri-ng? •  Some wri1ng systems: boundaries between words not marked •  Chinese, Japanese, Thai •  Word segmenta1on becomes an important part of text normaliza1on for MT •  Some languages tend to have sentences that are quite long, closer to English paragraphs than sentences: •  Modern Standard Arabic, Chinese •  Sentence segmenta1on may be necessary for MT between these languages and languages like English Dan Jurafsky Inferen-al Load: cold vs. hot languages Balthasar Bickel. 2003. Referen1al density in discourse and syntac1c typology. Language 79:2, 708 ­36 •  Hot languages: •  Who did what to whom is marked explicitly •  English •  Cold languages: •  The hearer has more “figuring out” of who the var...
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