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Sov languages japanese hindi english he adores

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Unformatted text preview: than human •  We don’t need MT anyhow •  Already too many human translators from Russian •  Results: MT research suffered •  Funding loss •  Number of research labs declined •  Associa1on for Machine Transla1on and Computa1onal Linguis1cs dropped MT from its name Dan Jurafsky MT in the modern age •  1975 ­1985 Resurgence of MT in Europe and Japan •  Domain ­specific rule ­based systems •  1990 ­present •  Rise of Sta1s1cal Machine Transla1on Machine Translation Introduction to MT Machine Translation Language Divergences Dan Jurafsky Language Similari-es and Divergences •  Typology: •  the study of systema1c cross ­linguis1c similari1es and differences •  What are the dimensions along which human languages vary? Dan Jurafsky Syntac-c Varia-on: Basic Word Orders In many languages one word order is more basic •  SVO (Subject ­Verb ­Object) languages English, German, French, Mandarin I baked a pizza! •  SOV...
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