E knowledge about the dierence between two languages

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Unformatted text preview: •  Satellite ­framed languages: •  direc1on of mo1on is marked on the satellite •  Crawl out, float off, jump down, walk over to, run after! •  Most of Indo ­European, Hungarian, Finnish, Chinese •  Verb ­framed languages: •  direc1on of mo1on is marked on the verb •  Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Tamil, Polynesian, Mayan, Bantu families Dan Jurafsky Predicate Argument divergences: Heads and Argument swapping Dorr, Bonnie J., "Machine Transla1on Divergences: A Formal Descrip1on and Proposed Solu1on," Computa1onal Linguis1cs, 20:4, 597 ­ ­633 Heads: Arguments: English: X swim across Y Spanish: Y me gusta Spanish: X crucar Y nadando English: I like Y English: I like to eat German: Der Termin fällt mir ein German: Ich esse gern English: I forget the date English: I’d prefer vanilla German: Mir wäre Vanille lieber Dan Jurafsky Predicate ­Argument Divergence Counts B.Dorr et al. 2002. DUS...
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