Rain on the bamboo outside the window stylis1c and

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Unformatted text preview: inese bed on, window outside, English on the bed, outside the window •  Chinese rarely marks tense: •  English as, turned to, had begun, •  Chinese tou, ‘penetrate’  ­> English penetrated •  Chinese rela1ve clauses are before the noun, English a]er •  Chinese: [window outside bamboo on] rain •  English: rain [on the bamboo outside the window] •  Stylis1c and cultural differences •  Chinese bamboo 1p plaintain leaf  ­> bamboos and plantains •  Chinese rain sound sigh drop  ­> insistent rustle of the rain •  Chinese ma ‘curtain’  ­> curtains of her bed Dan Jurafsky Alignment in Machine Transla-on Dan Jurafsky Early MT History 1946 Booth and Weaver discuss MT in New York 1947 ­48 idea of dic1onary ­based direct transla1on 1947 Warren Weaver suggests transla1on by computer 1949 Weaver memorandum 1952 all 18 MT researchers in world meet at MIT 1954 IBM/Georgetown Demo Russian ­English M...
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