In paris france whats the abbreviaon for limited

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Unformatted text preview: t do scholars think about Jefferson’s posi4on on dealing with pirates? 6 Dan Jurafsky Commercial systems: mainly factoid ques%ons Where is the Louvre Museum located? In Paris, France What’s the abbrevia+on for limited partnership? L.P. What are the names of Odin’s ravens? Huginn and Muninn What currency is used in China? The yuan What kind of nuts are used in marzipan? almonds What instrument does Max Roach play? drums What is the telephone number for Stanford 650 ­723 ­2300 University? Dan Jurafsky Paradigms for QA •  IR ­based approaches •  TREC; IBM Watson; Google •  Knowledge ­based and Hybrid approaches •  IBM Watson; Apple Siri; Wolfram Alpha; True Knowledge Evi 8 Dan Jurafsky •  a 9 Many ques%ons can already be answered by web search Dan Jurafsky IR ­based Ques%on Answering •  a 10 Dan Jurafsky IR ­based Factoid QA Document Document Document Document Document Document Answer Indexing Passage Retrieval Question Processing Question Query Formulation Answer Type Detection 11 Document Retrieval Docume Docume nt Docume nt Docume nt Docume nt Relevant nt Docs Passage Retrieval passages Answer Processing Dan Jurafsky IR ­based Factoid QA •  QUESTION PROCESSING •  Detect ques+on type, answer type, focus, rela+ons •  Formulate queries to send to a search engine •  PASSAGE RETRIEVAL •  Retrieve ranked documents •  Break into suitable passages and rerank •  ANSWER PROCESSING •  Extract candidate answers •  Rank candidates •  using evidence from the text and external sources Dan Jurafsky Knowledge ­based approaches (Siri) •  Build...
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