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Unformatted text preview: ords for the IR system •  Ques+on Type classifica+on •  Is this a defini+on ques+on, a math ques+on, a list ques+on? •  Focus Detec+on •  Find the ques+on words that are replaced by the answer •  Rela+on Extrac+on 18 •  Find rela+ons between en++es in the ques+on Dan Jurafsky Question Processing They’re the two states you could be reentering if you’re crossing Florida’s northern border •  •  •  •  19 Answer Type: US state Query: two states, border, Florida, north Focus: the two states Rela+ons: borders(Florida, ?x, north) Dan Jurafsky Answer Type Detec%on: Named En%%es •  Who founded Virgin Airlines? •  PERSON •  What Canadian city has the largest popula4on? •  CITY. Dan Jurafsky Answer Type Taxonomy Xin Li, Dan Roth. 2002. Learning Ques+on Classifiers. COLING'02 •  6 coarse classes •  ABBEVIATION, ENTITY, DESCRIPTION, HUMAN, LOCATION, NUMERIC •  50 finer classes •  LOCATION: city, country, mountain… •  HUMAN: group, individual, +tle, descrip+on •  ENTITY: animal, body, color, currency… 21 Dan Jurafsky Part of Li & Roth’s Answer Type Taxonomy city country state reason expression LOCATION definition abbreviation ABBREVIATION DESCRIPTION individual food ENTITY NUMERIC currency animal HUMAN date title group money percent distance size 22 Dan Jurafsky Answer Types 23 Dan Jurafsky More Answer Types 24 Dan Jurafsky Answer types in Jeopardy Ferrucci et al. 2010. Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project. AI Magazine. Fall 2010. 59 ­79. •  2500 answer types in 2...
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