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Unformatted text preview: ues+on keywords in the candidate. Keyword distance: Distance in words between the candidate and query keywords Novelty factor: A word in the candidate is not in the query. Apposi%on features: The candidate is an apposi+ve to ques+on terms Punctua%on loca%on: The candidate is immediately followed by a comma, period, quota+on marks, semicolon, or exclama+on mark. Sequences of ques%on terms: The length of the longest sequence of ques+on terms that occurs in the candidate answer. Dan Jurafsky Candidate Answer scoring in IBM Watson •  Each candidate answer gets scores from >50 components •  (from unstructured text, semi ­structured text, triple stores) 43 •  logical form (parse) match between ques+on and candidate •  passage source reliability •  geospa+al...
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