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What is the state ower of california dan jurafsky

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Unformatted text preview: 0,000 Jeopardy ques+on sample •  The most frequent 200 answer types cover < 50% of data •  The 40 most frequent Jeopardy answer types he, country, city, man, film, state, she, author, group, here, company, president, capital, star, novel, character, woman, river, island, king, song, part, series, sport, singer, actor, play, team, show, actress, animal, presiden+al, composer, musical, na+on, book, +tle, leader, game 25 Dan Jurafsky Answer Type Detec%on •  Hand ­wrioen rules •  Machine Learning •  Hybrids Dan Jurafsky Answer Type Detec%on •  Regular expression ­based rules can get some cases: •  Who {is|was|are|were} PERSON •  PERSON (YEAR – YEAR) •  Other rules use the ques%on headword: (the headword of the first noun phrase ater the wh ­word) •  Which city in China has the largest number of foreign financial companies? •  What is the state flower of California? Dan Jurafsky Answer Type Detec%on •  Most oten, we treat the problem as machine learning classifica+on •  Define a taxonomy of ques+on types •  Annotate training data for each ques+on type •  Train classifiers for each ques+on class...
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