Echocardiography doppler diagnoses acquired stenosis 8

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Unformatted text preview: loca+on ­of Anatomical Structure part ­of Pharmacologic Substance causes Pharmacologic Substance treats Physiological Func+on Biologic Func+on Organism Pathological Func+on Pathologic Func+on Dan Jurafsky Extrac'ng UMLS rela'ons from a sentence Doppler echocardiography can be used to diagnose left anterior descending artery stenosis in patients with type 2 diabetes!  Echocardiography, Doppler DIAGNOSES Acquired stenosis 8 Dan Jurafsky Databases of Wikipedia Rela'ons Wikipedia Infobox Rela+ons extracted from Infobox Stanford state California Stanford moao “Die Lub der Freiheit weht” … 9 Dan Jurafsky Rela'on databases that draw from Wikipedia •  Resource Descrip+on Framework (RDF) triples subject predicate object Golden Gate Park location San Francisco! dbpedia:Golden_Gate_Park dbpedia ­owl:loca+on dbpedia:San_Francisco! •  DBPedia: 1 billion RDF triples, 385 from English Wikipedia •  Frequent Freebase rela+ons: people/person/na+onality, loca+on/loca+on/contains people/person/profession, people/person/place ­of ­birth biology/organism_higher_classifica+on film/film/genre 10 Dan Jurafsky Ontological rela'ons Examples from the WordNet Thesaurus •  IS ­A (hypernym): subsump+on between classes •  Giraffe IS ­A ruminant IS ­A ungulate IS ­A mammal IS ­A vertebrate IS ­A animal… •  Instance ­of: rela+on between individual and class •  San Francisco instance ­of city! Dan Jurafsky How to build rela'on extractors 1.  Hand ­wriaen paaerns 2.  Supervised machine learning 3.  Semi ­supervised and unsupervised •  •  •  Bootstrapping (using seeds) Distant supervision Unsupervised learning from the web Relation Extraction What is rela+on extrac+on? Relation Extraction Using paaerns to extract rela+ons Dan Jurafsky Rules for extrac'ng IS ­A rela'on Early intui+on from Hearst (1992) •  “Agar is a substance prepared from a mixture of red algae, such as Gelidium, for laboratory or industrial use” •  What does Gelidium mean? •  How do you know?` Dan Jurafsky Rules for extrac'ng IS ­A rela'on Early intui+on from Hearst (1992) •  “Agar is a substance prepared from a mixture o...
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