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Unformatted text preview: source, or complex aftude types Dan Jurafsky Sen%ment Analysis •  Simplest task: •  Is the aftude of this text posi+ve or nega+ve? •  More complex: •  Rank the aftude of this text from 1 to 5 •  Advanced: •  Detect the target, source, or complex aftude types Sentiment Analysis What is Sen+ment Analysis? Sentiment Analysis A Baseline Algorithm Dan Jurafsky Sentiment Classification in Movie Reviews Bo Pang, Lillian Lee, and Shivakumar Vaithyanathan. 2002. Thumbs up? Sen+ment Classifica+on using Machine Learning Techniques. EMNLP ­2002, 79—86. Bo Pang and Lillian Lee. 2004. A Sen+mental Educa+on: Sen+ment Analysis Using Subjec+vity Summariza+on Based on Minimum Cuts. ACL, 271 ­278 •  Polarity detec+on: •  Is an IMDB movie review posi+ve or nega+ve? •  Data: Polarity Data 2.0: •  hXp:// ­review ­data Dan Jurafsky IMDB data in the Pang and Lee database ✓ when _star wars_ came out some twenty years ago , the image of traveling throughout the stars has become a commonplace image . […] when han solo goes light speed , the stars change to bright lines , going towards the viewer in lines that converge at an invisible point . cool . _october sky_ offers a much simpler image–that of a single white dot , traveling horizontally across the night sky . [. . . ] ✗ “ snake eyes ” is the most aggrava+ng kind of movie : the kind that shows so much poten+al then becomes unbelievably disappoin+ng . it’s not just because this is a brian depalma film , and since he’s a great director and one who’s films are always greeted with at least some fanfare . and it’s not even because this was a film starring nicolas cage and since he giv...
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