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Unformatted text preview: del[x,y]: count(xy typed as x)! ins[x,y]: count(x typed as xy)! sub[x,y]: count(x typed as y)! trans[x,y]: count(xy typed as yx)! ! Inser/on and dele/on condi/oned on previous character 21 Dan Jurafsky Confusion matrix for spelling errors Dan Jurafsky Genera'ng the confusion matrix •  Peter Norvig’s list of errors •  Peter Norvig’s list of counts of single ­edit errors 23 Dan Jurafsky Channel model Kernighan, Church, Gale 1990 del[wi−1 ,wi ] , if deletion count[wi−1 wi ] ins[wi−1 ,xi ] count[wi−1 ] , if insertion P (x|w) = sub[xi ,wi ] , count[w ] if substitution i trans[wi ,wi+1 ] count[w w ] , if transposition i 24 i+1 Dan Jurafsky Channel model for acress! Candidate Correct Error x|w Correc'on LeRer LeRer P(x|word) actress! t! c|ct! .000117! cress! -! a! a|#! caress! ca! ac! ac|ca! .00000164! access! c! r! r|c! .000000209! across! o! e! e|o! .0000093! acres! -! s! es|e! .0000321! acres! 25 -! -! s!...
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