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Channel the spelling correcon task spelling

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Unformatted text preview: Jurafsky Real word spelling errors •  For each word w, generate candidate set: •  Find candidate words with similar pronuncia$ons •  Find candidate words with similar spelling •  Include w in candidate set •  Choose best candidate •  Noisy Channel •  Classifier 7 Spelling Correction and the Noisy Channel The Spelling Correc/on Task Spelling Correction and the Noisy Channel The Noisy Channel Model of Spelling Dan Jurafsky Noisy Channel Intui'on 10 Dan Jurafsky Noisy Channel •  We see an observa/on x of a misspelled word •  Find the correct word w ˆ w = argmax P(w | x ) w!V P ( x | w )P (w ) = argmax w!V P( x ) = argmax P( x | w )P(w ) 11 w!V Dan Jurafsky History: Noisy channel for spelling proposed around 1990 •  IBM •  Mays, Eric, Fred J. Damerau and Robert L. Mercer. 1991. Context based spelling correc/on. Informa4on Processing and Management, 23(5), 517–522 •  AT&T Bell Labs •  Kernighan, Mark D., Kenneth W. Church, and William A. Gale. 1990. A spelling correc/on program based on a noisy channel model. Proceedings of COLING 1990, 205 ­210 Dan...
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