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Error acress actress t deleon acress cress a inseron

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Unformatted text preview: Jurafsky Non ­word spelling error example acress! 13 Dan Jurafsky Candidate genera'on •  Words with similar spelling •  Small edit distance to error •  Words with similar pronuncia/on •  Small edit distance of pronuncia/on to error 14 Dan Jurafsky Damerau ­Levenshtein edit distance •  Minimal edit distance between two strings, where edits are: •  Inser/on •  Dele/on •  Subs/tu/on •  Transposi/on of two adjacent le[ers 15 Dan Jurafsky Words within 1 of acress! Error acress! actress! t! -! dele/on acress! cress! -! a! inser/on acress! caress! ca! ac! transposi/on acress! access! c! r! subs/tu/on acress! across! o! e! subs/tu/on acress! acres! -! s! inser/on acress! 16 Candidate Correct Error Type Correc'on LeRer LeRer acres! -! s! inser/on Dan Jurafsky Candidate genera'on •  80% of errors are within edit distance 1 •  Almost all errors within edit distan...
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