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Dan jurafsky how do we know when a word has more than

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Unformatted text preview: 1onship between senses •  Lots of types of polysemy are systema-c •  School, university, hospital! •  All can mean the ins-tu-on or the building. •  A systema-c rela-onship: •  Building Organiza-on •  Other such kinds of systema-c polysemy: Author (Jane Austen wrote Emma) Works of Author (I love Jane Austen) Tree (Plums have beautiful blossoms) ! !Fruit (I ate a preserved plum)! Dan Jurafsky How do we know when a word has more than one sense? •  The “zeugma” test: Two senses of serve? •  Which flights serve breakfast?! •  Does Lufthansa serve Philadelphia?! •  ?Does Lu^hansa serve breakfast and San Jose? •  Since this conjunc-on sounds weird, •  we say that these are two different senses of “serve” Dan Jurafsky Synonyms •  Word that have the same meaning in some or all contexts. •  •  •  •  •  •  filbert / hazelnut couch / sofa big / large automobile / car vomit / throw up Water / H20 •  Two lexemes are synonyms •  if they can be subs-tuted for each other in all situa-ons •  If so they have the same proposi1onal meaning Dan Jurafsky Synonyms •  But there are few (or no) examples of perfect synonymy. •  Even if many aspects of meaning are iden-cal •  S-ll may not preserve the acceptability based on no-ons of politeness, slang, register, genre, etc. •  Example: •  Water/H20 •  Big/large •  Brave/courageous Dan Jurafsky Synonymy is a rela1on between senses rather than words •  Consider the words big and large •  Are they synonyms? •  How big is that plane? •  Would I be flying on a large or small plane? •  How about here: •  Miss Nelson became a kind of big sister to Benjamin. •  ?Miss Nelson became a kind of large sister to Benjamin. •  Why? •  big has a sense that means being older, or grown up •  large lacks this sense Dan Jurafsky Antonyms •  Senses that are opposites with respect to one feature of meaning •  Otherwise, they are very similar! dark/light hot/cold! short/long up/down! !fast/slow in/out! •  More formally: antonyms can •  defin...
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