They are found in all vertebrates and some

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Unformatted text preview: e or under development •  (Arabic, Finnish, German, Portuguese…) Category Unique Strings Noun 117,798 Verb 11,529 Adjec-ve 22,479 Adverb 4,481 Dan Jurafsky Senses of “bass” in Wordnet Dan Jurafsky How is “sense” defined in WordNet? •  The synset (synonym set), the set of near ­synonyms, instan-ates a sense or concept, with a gloss •  Example: chump as a noun with the gloss: “a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of” •  This sense of “chump” is shared by 9 words: chump1, fool2, gull1, mark9, patsy1, fall guy1, sucker1, soft touch1, mug2! •  Each of these senses have this same gloss •  (Not every sense; sense 2 of gull is the aqua-c bird) Dan Jurafsky WordNet Hypernym Hierarchy for “bass” Dan Jurafsky WordNet Noun Rela1ons Dan Jurafsky WordNet 3.0 •  Where it is: •  hnp:// •  Libraries •  Python: WordNet from NLTK •  hnp:// •  Java: •  JWNL, extJWNL on sourceforge Dan Jurafsky MeSH: Medical Subject Headings thesaurus from the Na1onal Library of Medicine •  MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) •  177,000 entry terms that correspond to 26,142 biomedical “headings” •  Hemoglobins Synset Entry Terms: Eryhem, Ferrous Hemoglobin, Hemoglobin Defini1on: The oxygen ­carrying proteins of ERYTHROCYTES. They are found in all vertebrates and some invertebrates. The number of globin subunits in the hemoglobin quaternary structure differs between species. Structures range from monomeric to a variety of mul-meric arrangements Dan Jurafsky The MeSH Hierarchy •  a 26 Dan Jurafsky Uses of the MeSH Ontology •  Provide synonyms (“entry terms”) •  E.g., glucose and dextrose •  Provide hypernyms (from the hierarchy) •  E.g., glucose ISA monosaccharide •  Indexing in MEDLINE/PubMED database •  NLM’s bibliographic database: •  20 million journal ar-cles •  Each ar-cle hand ­assigned 10 ­20 MeSH terms Word Meaning and Similarity WordNet and other Online Thesauri Word Meaning and Similarity Word Similarity: Thesaurus Methods Dan Jurafsky Word Similarity •  Synonymy: a binary rela-on •  Two words...
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