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Unformatted text preview: afsky Fluency: P(E) •  We need a metric that ranks this sentence That car almost crash to me! as less fluent than this one: That car almost hit me.! •  Answer: language models (N ­grams!) P(me|hit) > P(to|crash) •  And we can use any other more sophis1cated model of grammar •  Advantage: this is monolingual knowledge! Dan Jurafsky Faithfulness: P(F|E) •  Spanish: •  Maria no dió una bofetada a la bruja verde •  English candidate transla1ons: •  Mary didn’t slap the green witch •  Mary not give a slap to the witch green •  The green witch didn’t slap Mary •  Mary slapped the green witch •  More faithful transla1ons will be composed of phrases that are high probability transla1ons •  How ofen was “slapped” translated as “dió una bofetada” in a large bitext (parallel English ­Spanish corpus) •  We’ll need to align phrases and words to each other in bitext Dan Jurafsky We treat Faithfulness and Fluency as independent factors •  P(F|E)’s job is to model “bag of words”; which words come from English to Spanish. •  P(F|E) doesn’t have to worry about internal facts about English word order. •  P(E)’s job is to do bag genera1on: put the following words in order: •  a ground there in the hobbit hole lived a in Dan Jurafsky Three Problems for Sta$s$cal MT •  Language Model: given E, compute P(E) good English string → high P(E) random word sequence → low P(E) •  Transla1on Model: given (F,E) compute P(F | E) (F,E) look like transla1ons → high P(F | E) (F.E) don’t look like transla1ons → low P(F | E) •  Decoding algorithm: given LM, TM, F, find Ê Find transla1on E that maximizes P(E) * P(F | E) Dan Jurafsky Language Model •  Use a standard n ­gram language model for P(E). •  Can be trained on a large mono ­lingual corpus •  5 ­gram grammar of English from terabytes of web data •  More sophis1cated parser ­based language models can also help Machine Translation Introduction to Statistical MT Machine Translation Alignment and IBM Model 1 Dan Jurafs...
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