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Unformatted text preview: n ­grams in the MT result. •  The higher the precision, the be~er the transla1on •  Recall is ignored Dan Jurafsky Mul$ple Reference Transla$ons Slide from Bonnie Dorr Reference Reference translation 1: The U.S. island of Guam is maintaining U.S. a high state of alert after the Guam after Guam airport and its offices both received an and its e-mail from someone calling himself the Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden Saudi and threatening a biological/chemical threatening attack against public places such as against public places the airport . Reference translation 2: Guam International Airport and its International offices are maintaining a high state of alert after receiving an e-mail that was after receiving from a person claiming to be the to the wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman Bin Laden and that threatened to launch a biological and chemical attack on the airport and other public places . airport Machine translation: The American [?] international airport American international and its the office all receives one calls the office self the sand Arab rich business [?] rich business and so on electronic mail , which so on electronic which sends out ; The threat will be able be able after public place and so on the public place and so on airport to start the biochemistry to start biochemistry attack , [?] highly alerts after the [?] after maintenance. Reference translation 3: The US International A...
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