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Unformatted text preview: glish sentence ˆ E = argmax E P( E | F ) •  The Viterbi approxima1on to the best English sentence: ( A, E ) = argmax ( A, E ) P( A, E | F ) •  Search through the space of all English sentences 61 Dan Jurafsky Phrase ­based Decoding Slide adapted from Philipp Koehn Maria Maria no dio una bofetada a laa bruja verde una bofetada l Mary did not slap the green witch •  Reordering finished to right TranslaBon transla1on Many transla1on lef Build t many One to o one •  Select foreign word to be translated •  Find English phrase transla1on •  Add English phrase to end of par1al transla1on •  Mark foreign words as translated 62 Dan Jurafsky Decoding: The la]ce of possible English transla$ons for phrases • Maria a no dió una bofetada a la bruja verde Mary not give a slap to the witch green did not no a slap to green witch to the slap did not give to the slap 63 the witch Dan Jurafsky Decoding •  Stack decoding •  Maintaining a stack of hypotheses. •  Actually a priority queue •  Actually a set of different priority queues •  Itera1vely pop off the best ­scoring hypothesis, expand it, put back on stack. •  The score for each hypothesis: •  Score so far COST (hyp(S ( E, F )) = " ! ( fi , ei )d (starti # endi#1 # 1)P( E ) •  Es1mate of future costs 64 i! S Dan Jurafsky Decoding by hypothesis expansion Maria no dio una bofetada… •  Afer expanding NULL •  Afer expanding No E: No slap F: *N*UB*** COST: 803 •  Afer expanding Mary 65 Dan Jurafsky Efficiency •  The space of possible transla1ons is huge! •  Even if we have the right n words, there are n! permuta1ons •  We need to find the best scoring permuta1on •  Finding the argmax with an n ­gram language model is NP ­ complet...
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