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Tests there will be three tests and one comprehensive

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Unformatted text preview: TESTS: There will be three tests and one comprehensive final exam. If you miss a test, contact me as soon as possible. The test dates are (tentatively) set for: Test 1… Wed. Sept.22; Test 2… Wed. Oct. 20; Test 3… Wed. Nov. 17. Makeup exams are given only for serious reasons such as illness or emergency and must be verified. FINAL EXAM: The final exam is comprehensive (with some emphasis on material not yet tested) and mandatory and will be given Saturday Dec. 11 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm in a room to be announced late in the semester. GRADES: The homework will contribute 20% of your grade. The three tests will each contribute 20% of your course grade. The Final Exam will count for 20% of your grade and may also be substituted for the lowest regular test grade (making the final worth 40% if it is to your advantage). Letter grades for the course will be assigned based on these percentages: 90+ is an A… 80+ is a B…70+ is a C…60+ is a D…etc. I do not plan to use the +/– grade system. There will be no extra credit or special deals at t...
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