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1 First Day Handout

The written homework grade is based on overall effort

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Unformatted text preview: The written homework grade is based on overall effort and the grading of a subset (one or two) of the homework problems. Each written assignment must be stapled, legible and well organized. They should also be clearly marked with your name, EID, and the assignment number and section. Quest is mostly multiple-choice for which there is no partial credit, though retries are usually allowed. A correct answer on a first retry will give you some of the credit, but be aware that too many incorrect retries can give you a negative score. Numeric answers for Quest must be accurate to one percent. Homework may be turned in early but may not be submitted late. Six of the written assignments and six of the online assignments (about two weeks worth) will be dropped before your homework average is computed. Since we will cover about 33 sections, your homework grade will be the average of about 27 written assignments and 27 Quest assignments. ATTENDENCE: You are expected to attend class, although it is not part of your grade....
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