Gender is arbitrary straight performances are not

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Unformatted text preview: legitimate than another. Gender is arbitrary. ‘Straight’ performances are not more ‘natural,’ ‘legitimate,’ or ‘correct’ than ‘drag’ performances, ‘androgynous’ performances, or ‘homosexual’ performances. Misunderstandings of Butler Misunderstandings Voluntary and intentional Chosen Can step outside What performative frames offer… offer… Attention to moment by moment Agency and potential Attention to the doings of intercultural Attention communication communication Culture/gender/sexuality, etc.. become Culture/gender/sexuality, performative accomplishments Activity (easing to perf 1) Activity A real man is supposed to real A real man is not supposed to A real woman is supposed to A real woman is not supposed to Performance #1 Performance Unit #1 Performance: Performative Identity: Gender and Sexuality Unit Intersections and Interventions Intersections The first unit of the course will focus on solo performance work, and so The this performance will be an individual project cen...
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