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Incorporation of voiceover video sound image or mixed

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Unformatted text preview: ce and embodied action (SPECIFICLY AROUND THEMES OF VIOLENCE). Incorporation of voiceover, video, sound, image, or mixed media is welcomed, though not required. The form for this assignment is wide open, for personal narrative can be very direct storytelling, physical narration, metaphor, intertextual, dialogic, or any other form of communicative account. 2 Comprehension of performative intentions (written Comprehension rationale will support) - 30 Points rationale You will be graded on intentionality. This relates to the You doings of your narration, demonstrating and enacting the power of personal narrative to stabilize and defix dominant discourses. It’s never “just a story” and so this assignment asks for you to purposefully craft and recount your narrative with a critical eye on its workings. workings. 3 and 4 and Use of body as communicative and politicized text. - 30 Points This draws attention to the intentional and specific use of the body as a This site of meaning, so you will not “just” be doing anything. Gendered discourses and discourses of sexuality shape, mold, constrain, and dictate all of our bodies (how we move, rate, posture, use of space, d...
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