Johnson goltz finley johnson what does it or what

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Unformatted text preview: o…. How are queerness and performance How similar? Queer Performance (ex. Johnson, Goltz, Finley) Johnson, What does it (or what might it) offer? Critique? Anticipate? Question? Celebrate? Upset? So- How to Construct a queer Narrative Resists limited categorizations Resists hero/victim frameworks Challenges normalizing structures (denaturalization project) Performance and performative dimensions of the account (and- is always made, not found - is always political - never finished) Tool Box Building Day 1 Tool 3 objects Three films or tv shows The ultimate gendered product Gendered anthem Gendered nemesis 10 minute story- place you felt 10 challenged or fought to resist how cast challenged Where do you see yourself citing cultural Where discourse discourse...
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