Moves away from visible acts of homophobia to

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Unformatted text preview: nogamous male female relationship - unmarked norm - Some links to concept of whiteness - Moves away from visible acts of homophobia to invisible acts of erasure - Recent discussion - The Sacred Child- Lee Edelman - Reproductive futurism The Verb: What QT does Offers alternative readings of cultural texts in comparison to dominant readings. With specific attention to Heteronormative dominance Interrogate fiction of compulsory heterosexuality The social construction of gender and sex Intersections of race Intersections of class Discover queer meanings and pleasure in mainstream culture Mark spaces of nonstraight cultural production and reception (yes, a mighty bold agenda) Intersectional Queer Theory claims the project of looking at the intersections of race, class, and gender in its critique Has been criticized for primarily focusing on sexuality and gender, perpetuating the erasure of race and class issues Additionally, discussions of gender have been criticized for erasing transgender populations So…. S...
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