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Personal narrative is the process of recounting a

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Unformatted text preview: tering on personal narrative and performative rupture. Personal narrative is the process of recounting a story of self, and this should be located in a specific context, space, time, and sequence of events (avoid general assessments of a “period of time” and take us to a room, a space, a moment). A personal narrative is created, not found, meaning that the notion of “truth” is always questionable, for we create stories (events, self) in the process of telling. Performative rupture draws our attention to the doings of the account (for no story is neutral, but enacts symbolic and discursive action). While all stories will inescapably reify and work in conjunction and collusion with dominant discourses, I want you to select a story that (in respect to gender and sexuality) works to push, probe, or challenge mainstream assumptions of gender and sexuality placed upon your body, being, story, self, etc. Criteria 1 Criteria Following assignment guidelines (time constraints, content) - 30 Points You are assigned to create a 3-5 minute performance that incorporates You body and voice to engage, complicate, disrupt, assault, problematize, offbody set (or any other number of verbs) mainstream discourses of gender and set sexuality through personal voi...
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