Remember there are no wrong choices unless they

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Unformatted text preview: audience (as we so often simply focus on a flood of words). Remember, there are no wrong choices, unless they weren’t specific and intentional choices. Default modes (the “just”) are, once again, our obstacles. Day 2, Week 2 Day The Term “Queer” Long history as an oppressive and violent term launched against gays and lesbians The use of “queer” in contemporary theory is commonly attributed to Teresa de Lauretis- Feminist Film Theorist Some “Important” Names Freud, Lorde, Foucault, Butler, Sedgwick, de Lauretis, Anzaldua, Dyer The club in question: Warner, Doty, Edelman, Bersani, Seidman (most of what has been written in Com) On the fore (my opinion) Halberstam, Muñoz, Eng, Puar, Boellstorff, Fergusan Two ways to think of term NOUN VERB (although don’t get too excited- they aren’t as stable or concrete as you might think) Noun As a noun (referring to identity)- such as “I identify as queer” Power in self-naming Argued that to take on the term queer is a personal choice, a liberatory act of self-definition However, many would argue one is not “queer”- one gets queer, works to stay queer - queer is not-yet-here “definitions” An anti-normative position - Warner Contra-normative - Doty Whatever is at odds with the legitimate, the norm, or the dominant - Turner Common appropriation- an actively chosen politicized identity that challenges essentialized notions of sexuality (hetero/homo binary) heteronormativity - Assumed normalization of the mo...
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