Risk and experimentation 30 points its round one so

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Unformatted text preview: ifferent ways of holding the body, relationship to audience, etc). Risk and Experimentation - 30 Points Its round one, so this first unit will pose differing risks for different Its classmates. This criterion grades you on your willingness to try new things, allow potential failures, put oneself out there and actively take part in our class work. Be bold, try new things, and allow some discomfort and uncertainty. Clean, polished, perfectionism and familiarity are obstacles, not objectives. 5 - 30 Points 30 Attention to performance aesthetics Attention This criterion looks to the beauty and artful dimensions of communication, This casting a wide net. Vocal tones, physical poses, mediated imagery, soundscapes, language choices, and use of space all shape aesthetics of communication (far beyond simplistic designation of verbal/nonverbal). Different styles and tones and themes such as stillness, chaos, mechanization, assault, retreat, flow, and any other number of descriptions shape a performative aesthetic. Trust bodies, images, metaphors, expressions, sounds, and pauses to move and impact an...
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