Marked doyles 5th theme doyles be self reliant

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Unformatted text preview: marked Doyle’s 5th Theme Doyle’s Be Self-Reliant Stereotypes of directions Asking for Help (students ex) Competition Femininity- (Wood) Femininity1. Be attractive, pretty, slim, well-dressed Models of femininity in our culture who Models don’t fit this? don’t What happens to figures who don’t? Number 2- Wood Number 2. Be sensitive and caring Tied to gendered roles Critiques of Clinton Models who define this trait? Number 3- Wood Number 3. Be treated negatively by others Culturally Physically Emotionally Is femininity always tied to passivity (and looping Is back, always antithetical to masc)? back, Number 4 - Wood Number Be a SUPERWOMAN Effortless perfection Do it all, but has to look easy Home/ work Number Five Number Be Confused (Changing Expectations) Navigate the double-bind (damned if you Navigate and damned if you don’t) and Stay at home/work Assertive/ bitchy Assertive/ Hedge/ submission Hedge/ Performativity- Butler Performativity Gender is a social phenomena Normalized in the body through repeated Normalized acts acts Discourse polices and defines the Discourse intelligibility of gender intelligibility We aren’t gender, but we do gender… we We “perform” gender moment by moment “perform” The liminality at the center of performance Since all gender is performed, one performance is not more...
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