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Marriage and the Family

Be careful of your cleanliness remember her feelings

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Unformatted text preview: tional commitment to spouse. 4. Have a healthy attitude toward sex and sexuality. 5. Achieve an adequate level of sex knowledge. Also: 6. Be able to communicate sexual needs, preferences, and concerns. 7. Understand/utilize the effectiveness of contraceptive techniques. 8. Assure availability of privacy for sexual activity. 9. Vary time, location, and technique. 10.Truly accept one’s partner. Suggestions for Wives: Keep personal attractiveness a priority. Take care of personal hygiene. Make extended time for lovemaking. Utilize some good resources. Participate fully. And… Welcome his advances. Become active in foreplay. Express what pleases you. Become creative in initiating lovemaking. Reassure him of his manliness. Suggestions for Husbands: Cultivate a loving relationship with your wife. Tell her you love her many times a day. Find opportunities to praise her. Always speak to/of her in complimentary ways. Continue to communicate and problem solve the ‘concerns’ of life or those within marriage. And… Keep the spirit of romance and courtship alive. Take plenty of time for sex. Discover what is pleasurable for her. Be careful of your cleanliness. Remember her feelings. Communicate what she means to you!!! For both sexes… REMEMBER: Good sex begins while your clothes are still on. Exciting passionate sex BEGINS with the other 23 hours of the day. Get together regularly. Nurture your RELATIONSHIP!!! Talk about and discuss your sexual relationship. Likewise… Take time to look your best. Welcome your spouse’s advances. Don’t neglect a sexual problem. Make sex fun…don’t be overly serious. Learn as much as you can. And Finally…Remember: Great sex comes from a great relationship. Great sex is between people… not bodies. Great sex gets better with time and practice. Great sex makes greater and deeper love. The Fountain of Eternal Youth: The slim young man I married Has slowly gone to pot; With wrinkled face and graying top, Slender he is not!!! And when I meet a mirror, I find a haggard crone; I can’t believe the face I see Can really be my own!!! But when we seek our bed each night, The wrinkles melt away; Our flesh is firm, our faces warm, Our ardent hearts are gay!!! The fountain of Eternal Youth Is not so far to find; Two things you need- a double bed, A spouse who’s true and kind!!! ’74 year old wife’ • BEGIN TEST 3 MATERIAL Communication Research Observations • Communication is basic to every human relationship • The more intimate the relationship, the more important communication becomes. • Good communication must be open, realistic, tactful, caring, and valued. • Communication must have commitment as a foundation. Communication Research Observations • Communication in marriage and family life is very important just because of the intensity of emotions. • Communication is important to life satisfaction. • Communication helps in resolving conflict, hostilities, misunderstandings, and confusion. Communication Research Observations • Communication is desired most and achieved less than any other component in relationships. • Non verbal communication can “say as much” and “be as powerful” as verbal communication. • Communication is affected by the general society. What is communication? • Communication is a process of interaction between human beings who desire sharing information (including facts, ideas, values, expectations, emotions, etc), and are attempting to understand the shared information. THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS • This process involves: – Sender – Message – Receiver – Although this process sounds simple; problems may and usually do arise from any one or a combination of these three parts. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES • • • • Spend time talking. Proverbs 15:23 Learn to listen. James 1:19 Check it out. John 21:15 Get inside the other person’s world. John 11:36 • Be loving, caring, kind. Colossians 3:12 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES • Keep it honest, yet positive. Eph. 4:26 • Ban the bombs. Eph. 4:31 • Be specific, get to the point, clarify. Acts 15:36ff • Become allies, be open and respectful. Luke 6:3-5 • Use more than spoken words. Matt. 20:34 Six Hints for great communication 1. Learn to express yourself. a. This will help others to get to know you better. b. This will help you get to know others better. c. Be precise, not general. d. Present one idea at a time and make sure it is understood before continuing. e. Be pleasant and confident. f. Speak clearly when expressing ideas. Six Hints for great communication 2. Learn good listening skills. a. Careful listening avoids misunderstanding. b. Give your undivided attention to the speaker – it s...
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