Ammonia Assessment from Agriculture

Ammonia Assessment from Agriculture - Matthew Rudkin...

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From Aneja et al., 2003, 2006b Matthew Rudkin Ammonia Assessment from Agriculture: U.S. Status and Needs Dev Niyogi has spent the last few years here at Purdue researching human activities that accelerate the global warming process along with being involved in both field observations and modeling analysis in his research. His research is focused on studying land surface processes and the effects that vegetation has on the atmosphere. Niyogi, along with Shawn Cole of Purdue, assisted in a research project that tested the theory that increased nitrogen emissions in the atmosphere are leading to increased air pollution, reduced visibility, some significant changes in biodiversity, along with ozone depletion. Over the past many years, human activities have increased the production of reactive nitrogen to a point that exceeds a natural level. Emissions of ammonia have increased considerably corresponding with the development of agricultural livestock numbers. Globally, animals are the largest source of ammonia release. The study of emissions of ammonia released during agricultural operations is an increasingly popular area for scientific research. Some countries are currently developing national emission factors for both animal and crop agriculture. Basically, we have come to a point where the ammonia is doing enough damage to our atmosphere that we need to have standards to help control the amount, similar to what we currently have with other greenhouse gasses. To develop effective control strategies in the United States alone, it has become
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Ammonia Assessment from Agriculture - Matthew Rudkin...

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