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Introducing new acributes may require addi9onal

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Unformatted text preview: 7 ECON1P91 Aug 152011 D2 4978567 ITIS1P97 Aug182011 D2 4978568 ITIS1P97 Aug222011 D2 4978568 ACTG1P12 Aug222011 D2 4968569 ECON1P91 Aug 152011 D2 4968569 MATH1P97 Aug182011 D2 4968569 ITIS1P97 Aug222011 D2 4965237 ACTG1P11 Aug 152011 D3 4965237 ACTG1P71 Aug 152011 D3 4965237 ITIS1P97 Aug222011 D2 4960238 ACTG1P11 Aug 152011 D2 4960238 ITIS1P97 Aug182011 D2 4960238 MATH1P97 Aug222011 D2 4960238 MATH1P98 Aug 152011 D2 4955239 ACTG1P71 Aug222011 D3 4955239 ECON1P91 Aug 152011 D2 4955239 ITIS1P97 Aug 152011 D2 En9ty Rela9onship Diagrams •  Jay wants historical record of pain9ngs placed in galleries. •  Blood donor acends a blood donor clinic •  Salesperson and car •  Customer, Order and Products 30 Conver9ng E- R Diagrams to Tables •  •  •  •  Create one table for each en9ty List all acributes that need to be recorded Make sure that each table has a primary key Introduce a foreign key into the “many” side to represent a “1 to many” rela9onship 31 Conver9ng En9ty Rela9onship Diagrams to Rela9onal Tables STUDENT 1 M ENROLL M 1 COURSE M 1 PROFESSOR STUDENT ENROLL COURSE StudentID StudentNum CourseNum FName CourseNum CName PROFESSOR LName Date CLevel ProfNum ProfNum ProfFName Email ProfLName Faculty 32 Enrollment example (cont.) StudentID LName Email 3456789 Lin Rose rlin 0123456 Hewic David dhewic 7890123 Sana Vik vsana … STUDENT Table: FName … … … StudentID CourseNum Date ENROLLMENT Table : ITIS 1P97 08/31/10 3456789 OPER 2P97 08/31/10 0123456 ITIS 1P97 09/02/10 … COURSE Table : 3456789 … … CourseNum CName CLevel ITIS 1P97 Business Modelling 1 OPER 2P97 Opera9ons Mgmt 2 … … … Data Modeling –  Sproule’s Air Charters (Draw an ERD) •  Customers request charter trips •  Each charter trip requires an airplane •  There is a pilot and a copilot on each charter trip •  The company owns different models of airplanes •  Pilots are employees of the company •  All employee pilots can...
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