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9/13/2012 1 Transforms of Images Prof. Ghassan AlRegib School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology ECE 6258 Digital Image Processing Fall 2012 Thursday, September 13, 2012 ECE 6258 Fall 2012 Outline DTFT vs. DFT Definition of DFT Properties of DFT Linear Convolution vs. Circular Convolution Ghassan AlRegib © Georgia Tech 2 ECE 6258 Fall 2012 Introduction We studied the Fourier Transform (D. T. F. T.), XXXX , but in practice computing the Fourier Transform is not possible Thus the DTFT is only an analytical tool In this part of the course, we study: —DFT —DCT Ghassan AlRegib © Georgia Tech 3 ( , ) F   ECE 6258 Fall 2012 2 D Discrete Fourier Transform Notes: The DFT is obtained by sampling the DTFT (on a rectangular lattice); The DFT is an impacted operator to transfer the image into the frequency domain and then perform various operations in that domain; The DFT is energy compactor; It helps with analyzing various processes; It is derived for a periodic sequence; Ghassan AlRegib © Georgia Tech 4
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