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AgSociety - B Mesoamerica Civilizations Maya(250-900 C.E...

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History 2300: U.S. History to 1877 Dr. Barbara Hahn Texas Tech University Lecture Outline 02: Agriculture and Society I. Introduction: The Impact of Agriculture, Global Grains II. Africa A. The Importance (and Size) of Africa, and West Africa B. Rice: Methods and Meaning (dates? Not really: this is pre-history) C. Agriculture and Population Density III. The Americas A. Maize and the Three Sisters (4000-3000-1000 BCE)
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Unformatted text preview: B. Mesoamerica Civilizations: Maya (250-900 C.E.), Aztec (1480?-1520 C.E.), and Inca (ca. 1197-1533 C.E.) C. Cahokia and Mississippian Society (ca. 1300 CE) D. Agriculture, Population, and Society IV. Europe A. The Heavy Plow (800-1300 CE) B. The Three-Field System C. Population Density, Its Causes and Effects...
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