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History 2300: U.S. History, to 1877 Dr. Barbara Hahn Texas Tech University Lecture Outline 03: Columbus Had His Reasons I. Introduction: European Agriculture and World Commerce A. Spice and the Silk Road B. The Levant and the Mediterranean 1. Holy Wars and Economic Imperatives: The Crusades, 1096-1147-1187-1204 CE 2. Venice and World Trade 3. The Crucial Role of Iberia (Portugal and Spain)
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Unformatted text preview: a. The Portuguese Complete the Volta (ca. the 12 th century?) b. The Canary Islands 1. Food to Sugar Production (Subsistence to Commodities) 2. The Guanche Tribes c. Iberia and World Systems 4. The Context for Columbus II. The Columbian Exchange (1492) III. The Triangle Trade (1492-????)...
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