But if some genes have dominance then ospring may be

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Unformatted text preview: key ques-on in quan-ta-ve gene-cs is to test if a variable trait is heritable. •  I.e. what propor-on of the trait is due to genes (inheritance) and what propor-on is due to varia-ons in the environment. •  Calculate the mean and the variance of a trait of interest. •  Phenotypic variance is represented by VP •  Now need to break up varia-on caused by gene (VG), environment (VE). •  VE = varia-on that is NOT inherited. •  Also need to determine Genotype by Environment interac-ons (VGE). •  So VP = VG + VE + VGE •  VG can be further subdivided •  Addi-ve gene-c varia-on (VA), describes the effects of genes on a phenotype. •  For example; one locus involved in weight in rats, two alleles: A1 = 2g in weight, A2 contributes 4g in weight. •  A1A1...
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