Eg abdominal bristle number of drosophila the h2 of

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Unformatted text preview: of the gene-cally variable individuals as H2 = VG (gene-cally varying individuals) VP (gene-cally varying individuals) •  E.g. heritability of white spodng in guinea pigs. •  Variance of white spodng in a gene-cally variable popula-on; VP = 573. •  Then inbred guinea pigs for many genera-ons = homozygous. •  Measured white spodng he obtained VP = 340. As VG = 0 their VP = VE. •  Then es-mated the VG of the variable popula-on by VP- VE=VG: 573- 340 = 233. •  Then es-mated broad- sense heritability; H2 = VG VP •  H2 = 233 = 0.41 573 •  So 41% of variance in white spodng is heritable. Gene-cally variable traits change in response to selec-on •  How does natural selec-on bring about gene-c c...
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