In theory can do this by rearing everyone in the same

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Unformatted text preview: e same locus interact. When this happens the effects are not addi-ve! Genic interac-on variance (VI) •  So our final equa-on looks like this: VP = VA + VD + VI +VE + VGE •  Broad- sense heritability (H2) represents the propor-on of phenotypic variance that is due to gene-c variance. •  Calculated by dividing the gene-c variance by the phenotypic variance: H2 = VG VP •  Ranges from 0 to 1. •  Useful, BUT limita-ons. •  Frequently, we are more interested in the propor-on of addi-ve gene-c variance, because addi-ve gene-c variance primarily determines the resemblance between parents and offspring. •  Narrow- sense heritability (h2) is equal to the addi-ve gene-c variance divided by the phenotypic variance: h2 = VA VP...
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