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Unformatted text preview: How do we calculate heritability •  Use parent- offspring correla-on. •  Can also compare the phenotypes of offspring with parents to determine heritability of a trait. •  When gene-c differences are responsible for variance in phenotype, offspring should resemble their parents more than random individuals. •  E.g. heritability of shell breadth in snails can be determined by regression of the phenotype of offspring against the mean phenotype of the parents. •  Regression coefficient which equals the narrow sense heritability = 0.7 How do we calculate heritability? •  One way of calcula-ng H2 is to eliminate one of the variance components. •  So if VP = VE + VG + VGE and IF we can eliminate all environmental variance then both VE and VGE = 0. •  In theory...
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