Then square those devia ons and divide the sum of

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Unformatted text preview: The influence of the environment is especially clear in a study on height in Yarrow Plants. •  Three plants are iden-cal gene-cally (cudngs). •  Grown at three different eleva-ons. •  Huge differences in height en-rely due to environment. Measuring quan-ta-ve traits: The variance •  The variance of a trait is a key sta-s-c that tells us how much a trait varies within a popula-on. •  Variance (s2) is calculated by first es-ma-ng the mean (average) of a popula-on for a trait of interest. •  Need a representa-ve sample! •  Then calculate how far the samples deviate from the mean. •  Then square those devia-ons and divide the sum of squares by the number of individuals sampled. •  The higher the variance, the more varia-on there is in the sample. •  A...
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