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Unformatted text preview: traits that show “Mendelian inheritance”. •  Including eye color in Drosophila and hair color in mice. •  Many human gene-c diseases, cys-c fibrosis, Hun-ngton’s chorea. •  Most traits show con-nuous varia-on. •  We cannot assign individuals to categories. •  Con-nuous distribu-on = quan-ta-ve trait. •  •  •  •  Use a frequency distribu-on. Many quan-ta-ve characteris-cs exhibit a symmetrical curve à༎ normal distribu-on. Two other common types of distribu-on are skewed and bimodal. Extensions of Mendelian Gene-cs •  We can use Mendel’s principles to test how many genes seem to be causing varia-on in a trait. •  Now we’re dealing with a codominant trait! F1s do not resemble either parent! Influence of the environment • ...
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