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Unformatted text preview: = 2g + 2g =4g •  A1A2 = 2g + 4g = 6g •  A2A2 = 4g + 4g = 8g •  VA determines the resemblance between parents and offspring. •  But if some genes have dominance, then offspring may be phenotypically different from both parents •  2) Dominance gene-c variance (VD) when some genes have a dominance component. In this case alleles at a locus are not addi-ve, rather the effect of an allele depends on the iden-fy of the other allele at that locus. •  E.g. dominant allele (T), genotypes TT and Tt have the same phenotype. •  Here we can not simply add the effects of the alleles together. •  Instead we must add a component (VD) to the gene-c variance to account for the way in which alleles interact. •  3) Genes at different loci may interact in the same way that alleles at th...
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