Eg populaon size migraon inbreeding dna sequencing

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Unformatted text preview: (one mutated copy and one normal copy) can func/on rela/vely normally. •  A homozygote for this gene (both copies mutated) will have severely anemia. Alleles •  Alterna/ve forms of the same gene (e.g. β- hemoglobin) are known as alleles. •  Alleles may represent neutral varia/on, or they may be expressed in the phenotype of the individual. •  Blood type in humans. •  BUT because humans (and most organisms) are diploid we inherit one allele from our mothers and one from our fathers. •  Homozygote = two copies of the same allele. •  Heterozygote = two different alleles. Gene/c markers used for studying popula/ons •  Most of the DNA in our bodies is non- coding. •  Microsatellites are tandem repeats of sequence of two, three or four nucleo/des in length. •  E.g. ACACACACACAC •  This repeat nature means there are o\en mistakes in repl...
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