Hardy weinberg equilibrium the hardy weinberg law

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Unformatted text preview: of S allele over 25% in parts of Africa. •  Heterozygotes (AS) have increased resistance to malaria. Hardy- Weinberg •  The frequencies of alleles and genotypes in a popula/on provide clues as to the processes that have shaped the popula/on. •  Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium describes expected alleles and genotype frequencies in an ideal popula/on. •  By comparing this “ideal” with real popula/ons we can deduce what might of happened to that popula/on. •  Processes that can increase gene/c varia/on. •  Also, processes that decrease gene/c varia/on: inbreeding, selec/on. Allele and genotype frequencies •  The frequency of an allele in a popula/on is the number of copies of that allele divided by the total number of copies of that gene in a popula/on. •  The genotype of an individual is its set of alleles. For a diploid =...
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