Processes that can increase genec variaon also

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Unformatted text preview: ica/on. •  This high muta/on rate means microsatellites are excellent regions of the genome to study popula/on processes. •  E.g. popula/on size, migra/on, inbreeding. •  DNA sequencing technology. Gene/c varia/on •  Natural selec/on cannot produce evolu/onary change without gene/c varia/on. •  But, natural selec/on tends to reduce gene/c varia/on. •  Varia/on is maintained in “neutral” regions of the genome. •  The standing gene/c varia/on observed in popula/on of individuals is maintained by the muta/on rate of the gene, the amount of migra/on and the environment. Environmental variance •  Different alleles can be favored at different /mes due to environmental varia/on. •  An example of heterozygote advantage is sickle- cell anemia. •  Homozygotes for allele (SS) life threatening anemia. •  But frequency...
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