Remember that genec informaon is contained in the

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Unformatted text preview: gene/c diversity to the well being of a popula/on. •  Also illustrates the increase in technology that lets us use gene/c methods to answer these sorts of ques/ons. Gene/c varia/on •  The source of gene/c varia/on is muta/on. •  No two individuals are alike gene/cally, unless that are iden/cal twins! •  Remember that gene/c informa/on is contained in the molecule deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. •  Four bases (A) adenine, C) cytosine, (G) guanine and (T) thymine. •  Coding and non- coding regions of DNA. •  A DNA strand serves as a template from which messenger RNA (mRNA) is transcribed . •  mRNA is translated into protein. •  DNA à༎ mRNA à༎ Protein! Muta/ons •  DNA is subject to errors. •  Subs/tu/ons most common but also dele/ons, addi/ons and rearrangements. •  Mistakes most o\en result from errors in DNA...
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