organisms on land need to maintain a constant body

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Unformatted text preview: energy to living systems. •  Higher temperatures mean that organisms can swim, run, fly, digest their food faster. •  The rates of most biological processes increase between 2 and 4 /mes for each 10°C rise in temperature. •  The ra/o of the rate of physiological process at one temperature to its rate at 10°C cooler = Q10 •  This does not go on indefinitely. Cold temperatures and freezing •  Just as too much heat can have a nega/ve effect on biological func/ons, so will too lifle heat. •  Cells can not handle freezing. •  Organisms in cold environments cope with freezing by either maintaining their body temperature above 0°C. •  Or by ac/va/ng chemical mechanisms that enable them to tolerate the effects of freezing. •  Antarc/c fish cope with cripplingly cold water by increasing the concentra/ons of compounds like glycerol in their blood. •  Antarc/c cod have high concentra/ons of glycerol and other glycoproteins in their...
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